[pyar] Problema interesante: el anti-string

Lucio Torre lucio.torre en gmail.com
Mie Ago 4 16:32:55 ART 2010

On Wed, Aug 4, 2010 at 4:31 PM, Roberto Alsina
<ralsina en netmanagers.com.ar> wrote:
> On Wednesday 04 August 2010 16:17:40 Pablo Ziliani wrote:
> Funciona con unicode?

Lei por ahi que:
"The simplest way to represent all possible Unicode code points is
with a 32 bit number. Most computers today are based on a 32 bit or 64
bit architecture, so this allows computers to manipulate Unicode
values as a whole computer "word" of 32 bits on 32 bit architectures,
or as a half computer "word" of 32 bits on 64 bit architectures."

o sea que la idea funciona.


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