[pyar] print "Hello, world!"

Esteban Kuber ekuber en gmail.com
Vie Ago 13 11:42:10 ART 2010

>>> from people import Esteban
>>> esteban = Esteban()
>>> for attr in dir(esteban):
...    print "%s: %s" % attr, getattr(esteban, attr)
name: Esteban Javier
surname: Küber
age: 23
profession: [<profession.Programmer instance at 0x011BF3F0>,
<profession.Student instance at 0x011BF3G0>]
current_employer: <class company.Globant at 0x00A4F050>
hire: <bound method Esteban.hire of <people.Esteban instance at 0x011BB828>>
call: <bound method Esteban.ask of <people.Esteban instance at 0x011BB8D8>>
ban: <bound method Esteban.ban of <people.Esteban instance at 0x011BB8G8>>
email: ekuber en gmail.com
location: <location.Argentina.Buenos_Aires.Balbanera instance at 0x0114DDF0>
>>> exit()

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