[pyar] Python + Ubuntu para voto electrónico

Marcos Dione mdione en grulic.org.ar
Mie Abr 20 16:21:09 ART 2011

On Wed, Apr 20, 2011 at 12:00:36PM -0300, fisa wrote:
> No está abierto, pero puede ser visto desde el tribunal electoral.
> Tienen que pedirle al tribunal, y ellos les dan acceso.

    y cómo fiscalizás que es el código que corre en cada máquina?

(Not so) Random fortune:
What we have at the moment is a hugely complex system we call earth that we
don’t really understand at all but which, for a tiny part of its history, has 
been quite hospitable to us as a species. We’re changing it in ways that it 
hasn’t been changed for a long time. [...] Current best estimates suggest that 
we are quite capable of causing our own destruction in quite a big way.
	    -- Stuart Jarvis

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