[pyar] Full-stack Developer (Python/Javascript) BsAs or Mza

Pato Armenault pato en recruiter.tech
Mar Oct 4 11:05:36 ART 2016

Hola @Pyar! Les comparto esta busqueda para Palermo BsAs o Mendoza Ciudad.

We're looking for a Full-stack developer specialized in Python and
> Javascript to join our remote team!

About the role

We're looking to hire an intelligent, self-starting full stack web
developer to help us continue building out our flagship app. Ideally, the
person that fills this role has front-to-back experience with building
mobile-first, single-page web apps using both client-side and server-side
MVC frameworks (JavaScript mithril.js/react.js, and Python Pyramid), as
well as managing DevOps and infrastructure.

Location: Palermo - Buenos Aires or Mendoza - Mendoza



   2+ Years full-stack web development

   Working knowledge of Python and a Python MVC framework

   Working knowledge of JavaScript and a client-side JavaScript MVC

   Ideally the person we hire would be knowledgeable about the technologies
   we currently use:

   Front-end: JavaScript, Mithril.js (or React.js), Hammer.js, Bootstrap,
   Sass, CSS3, HTML5

   Back-end: Python, Pyramid framework, Colander, GEvent, Cornice,
   Chameleon templates

   DevOps: PostgreSQL, gUnicorn, Nginx, SaltStack, Ubuntu, AWS/EC2 (Nice to

About the company

Pyramidia makes software for voting at live events. Imagine you're
> attending a wine festival and there are 100 wines for you to try, and the
> festival organizers want to give away a "People's Choice" Award for the
> best wine. Enter Pyramidia. We provide a fun drag-and-drop mobile voting
> webapp for attendees to rank their favorite wines. Pyramidia helps to
> engage attendees at the event as well as drive revenue for the organizers
> through our unique promotions system.

How to apply

Contact pato en recruiter.tech


[image: photo] Pato Armenault
Technical Recruiter

Mobile: (0261) - 156179911
Email: pato en recruiter.tech
Address: Mendoza, Argentina
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